Tuesday, September 22, 2009


After my daughter's soccer game last Saturday, I almost fainted when one of the parents whipped out cupcakes as a post-game snack. You can imagine my shock and horror seeing my daughter struggle with the impulse to have a bite of this "nicely" decorated cupcake with all the attributes of food coloring rainbow and 'slightly' sweetened frosting. And this is the child who knows that sugar is an addicting substance and knows how unhealthy this food is and my feelings towards it.

Do you think I confronted that parent on the spot? Did I raise a stink that my parental rights were being trashed and openly sabotaged?! Nope. I quietly hissed at my daughter to toss the cupcake into trash, while she was begging me for "just one lick". My wife had to drag me off the field as i was turning red. The thing that was bothering me the most really was that even the briefest of exposures to the very sweet stuff almost instantly resets the threshold for satisfaction of what's called a "sweet tooth". So it will take more of that sweet stuff to satisfy you in the future.

1 week later, my wife received an email from one of the parents on our soccer team which said: "CALL ME A CRAZY SOCCER MOM, BUT PLEASE TRY TO BRING REGULAR WATER, FRUITS AND VEGETABLES AND OTHER HEALTHY SNACKS FOR OUR KIDS"!

We were both happy and somewhat moved by the courage of this person and the realization that it takes some one to take a stand (even for something as natural as keeping our kids healthy).

Are your kids safe?

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