Monday, March 2, 2009

The Devil is in the ...Calories.

It doesn't matter what type of low calorie diet it is - they all work the same, as long as the people are motivated to follow it.

That's the conclusion of the recently completed study of more than 800 people who were followed for 2 years on 4 different diets - combinations of low fat, low carbohydrate and protein levels (NEJM 360:9, 2009).

Out of all the factors considered, the only consistent predictor of the weight loss success was the adherence to the follow-up group sessions. In other words, the longer people stay motivated to follow the healthier lifestyle, the longer they will be successful at it. No particular kind of diet was any better than another (i.e. low carbohydrate or low fat or high protein)

The bottom line is, seek out a program that will keep you motivated over the long term and don't worry about missing out on latest trends and hottest fads. Relax, pre-plan your meals for days and weeks ahead and enjoy the calorie-controlled life.

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